Fun with Dava's Accessories

Welcome to FWDA!

Hello, and welcome to Fun with Dava's Accessories, or FWDA. Fun with Dava's Accessories was a small photo contest I put together for my LiveJournal friends. Friends would suggest a variety of scenarios, which I would create using third generation (G3) My Little Ponies and my vast collection of accessories and play sets. I've collected these photos here, in this simple, little site.

The History of FWDA

I began collecting accessories when I was little, to go with my first generation ponies. The true Accessory Mania did not begin until much later, however, when I was developing a photo comic called MLP: Aftershock, which required all sorts of accessories and play sets to create. The comic went nowhere, but my obsessive hoarding of accessories remained!

Years later, when Hasbro released the third generation ponies, I began taking photographs of them with some of my accessories. My friends marveled over the variety of "stuff" I had. They wanted to know where I got them, and how many I had. I told them I had enough accessories to create virtually any scenario, and so to prove it, I began FWDA!

How Did FWDA Work?

I ran FWDA periodically in my LiveJournal from 2003 until 2005. Although originally limited to people on my friends list, I eventually opened the contest to everyone. The rules were always the same:

You come up with a picture for me to take using G3 ponies and my impressive collection of accessories. It has to be something I can accomplish in one photo. You can be very detailed about it, giving me the set-up and dialog, or you can be open-ended, giving a prompt like, "Show one of Applejack's picnics gone horribly wrong." You can ask me to recreate a movie scene, or try to stump me by describing a scene that would require some really odd accessories (just to see if I could do it ~_^).

All participants can freely use the photos that result, even the ones they didn't inspire, as long as I'm given credit and the photos are not seriously altered. (Yes, that means you can make LJ icons out of them.) The contestant who inspires the best photo (whether by my choice or by group vote; this is pretty relaxed) will get a crappy little award graphic from me. LOL! I will also create an award graphic for anyone who manages to stump me, although you should note that anything that stumps me results in one less photo for us to look at. :P

Other caveats: If you name any specific non-G3 ponies to use, or G3's not in the US yet, I cannot guarantee I'll have them. Lack of ponies will not count toward a stumper. If I want to do the shot bad enough, I'll just substitute the pony you specified. ;) I'm also allowed to use Photoshop if I need to do something like make a pony fly. Why? Because it's my contest, dammit.

FWDA was, in many ways, like a photo scavenger hunt in reverse. When I began the contest, Hasbro had only released a few ponies. I also had, by all accounts, a horrible digital camera. LOL! By the time I staged the final FWDA, I had a much better camera and entirely too many ponies! I held five FWDA contests in total.

Current Status of FWDA

The contest ended with FWDA 5. Through the course of FWDA, I was able to create and refine my own version of the My Little Pony world. Certain ponies took on distinct personalities, and their environment became more defined. Shifting my focus to the ongoing story of two of the ponies, I created a webcomic, Kimono's Townhouse. FWDA is over, but the story continues!

Kimono's Townhouse